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    The chance of breaking down increases come winter. Prepare your vehicle for those icy mornings with our free, no-obligation winter safety check.

    As well as a 36-point check that covers all those vital components that keep your car running smoothly in winter (we’re talking batteries, tyres, brakes and more), we’ll also top up your antifreeze and screenwash. Plus, you’ll receive a winter windscreen kit (de-icer, ice scraper and windscreen wash).


    What’s included:

    • 36-point winter safety check
    • Windscreen wash top-up
    • Antifreeze top-up
    • Windscreen winter kit (de-icer, ice scraper and screenwash)


    Light bulbs

    Light bulbs are essential for keeping you visible in dreary conditions, and having bulbs out can also be an MOT fail. We’ll check all external light bulbs are working and let you know if they’re not. Plus, if you’re a member of our loyalty scheme, we’ll replace one bulb without charge.


    Your tyres are the only thing gripping your vehicle to the ground, making them one of the most important safety points we check. We’ll make sure your tyre tread is at a healthy level, at the correct pressure, and are in a good overall condition.


    Your brakes should actually get used less in cold and icy conditions, but we’ll check that your discs and pads are healthy enough to get you through until your next service or MOT. We’ll look at the wear on the brake pads, and the general condition of your discs.


    Unfortunately, batteries have a habit of going flat during cold spells, due to slowed chemical reactions (it’s all a little technical) as well as increased use of electrical parts, including lights. We’ll check your battery level to make sure you’re not left in the cold.

    Wiper blades

    We wouldn’t get very far on a rainy day without wiper blades and screen wash. We’ll check the blades are working as they should, and that your screen wash is topped up to a good level.

    Coolant and antifreeze

    The clue is in the name; antifreeze keeps everything ticking around the engine, prevents water-based fluids from freezing in the engine and raises the boiling point of engine coolant to avoid overheating.

    Antifreeze top-up included

    Once we’ve completed the check, one of our team will discuss the report with you and explain any findings where necessary. The winter safety check is a no-obligation service, so as long as you’re happy, we’ll send you on your way!

    Offer Closes: 28th February 2020

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