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Your car or van has a cambelt (or timing chain), over time the cambelt degrades and wears and as such should be replaced at the manufacturers advised intervals (usually in so many miles or years) to avoid engine failure.

If you would like a quote to have your cambelt replaced please call Fox Garage (01276704600) and our service advisors will be more than happy to provide you with a fully priced quote that includes parts, labour and VAT.

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We Always Use Genuine or OEM Parts

We exclusively use original manufacturer parts or OEM-equivalent components for all our car maintenance and repairs. Regardless of your specific needs or budget, ensuring top quality and utmost safety should never be compromised.


By opting for OEM components, you can be assured that your item adheres to the most stringent quality standards. In contrast, aftermarket parts lack the same level of rigor and often incorporate inferior materials, resulting in shorter lifespans compared to the original products. Choosing genuine manufacturer parts ensures a precise fit and provides lasting peace of mind for years to come.

Warranty Compliance

If your car is within its warranty period, the terms will specify the use of genuine parts for any repair or maintenance work. This requirement exists because aftermarket parts may lead to additional issues beyond the original problem. Failing to adhere to OEM parts can potentially void your warranty.

Part Replacement

OEM parts are meticulously crafted by manufacturers to suit specific car models, ensuring a seamless fit within the broader system and restoring optimal performance. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are typically produced in large quantities to accommodate various vehicle models, leading to ill-fitting components that often face difficulties during installation.

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