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11th November, 2022

There’s nothing worse than reaching for the air-con on a sizzling summer’s day, only to be met with a gust of hot air. There are various reasons why your car air-conditioning might not be working, but it’s often simple to fix. Read on to discover the most common issues which cause car AC to blow out warm air or fill your car with an unpleasant smell.


This is the most likely cause for your air-conditioning to be blowing out hot hair, and it’s quick and easy to rectify. Every vehicle is different, so there are no set intervals at which to get your air-conditioning re-gassed. Instead we suggest you book your car in for an air-con re-gas as soon your AC system’s performance starts to dip.


Occasionally your air-con might leak gas. In this case, you air-conditioning will usually work for a short period of time following a re-gas, but will quickly revert back to blowing warm air. At Fox, we re-gas your car with a gas containing UV, making it easier to detect where the leak is coming from. You may need a replacement pipe, seal, condenser, or another part – book in for an investigation today.


Weak air-flow will mean your air-conditioning will struggle to regulate your car’s temperature. It can be caused by anything from mould in system to a loose hose, which means further investigation is needed to find the right solution. The earlier you spot the problem, the more likely you are to minimalise further damage to your vehicle’s AC. In most cases the issue can be rectified in a day or two – book your car in for an investigation today.


If your car is cool but there’s an overpowering stench, there’s a good chance you won’t want to use your air-con anyway! An odorous AC system can be due to mould growing inside as the car gets older, which unfortunately is often unavoidable. However, mould has more of a chance to develop when the air-conditioning isn’t used for a long period. To slow the growth down, use your car’s AC throughout the year – even with the heat up in winter. If it’s too late and you’re already struggling with a pungent smell, an air-conditioning service involves an anti-bacterial treatment which breaks down the smelly bacteria that causes the smell. Banish the smell today – book your car in for its air-conditioning service.


Depending on the problem with your air-conditioning, the cost can often be as minimal as £59 for a re-gas. If you suspect there’s a leak, join the Fox Garage loyalty scheme to benefit from one free investigation per year.