Car Maintenance | What's Included in an MOT and How to Check if Your MOT is in Date
Car Maintenance

What's Included in an MOT and How to Check if Your MOT is in Date

11th November, 2022

Your vehicle’s MOT test is a required government measure to help keep the roads safe, and it covers everything from the registration plate to the brakes. As a VOSA approved MOT test centre, we carry out over 50 different checks during an MOT to make sure your car or van is fit for the road. If we find anything dangerous, we report back straight away with details on how to get it fixed in the quickest and cheapest way.


First things first, you can find out when your MOT check is next due over on the UK government website. It takes a matter of seconds, and the tool will let you know the exact due date. Remember that you can book your MOT up to one month before it’s due date, and don’t worry; it’ll keep the same expiry date for next year. New vehicles don’t need to an MOT check until their first three years is up. For example, if your car’s registration is 64, it won’t need an MOT until September 2017.


The recommended retail price is £54.85, but Fox Garage offers MOT tests at £29.99. This covers the full MOT, as well as a complimentary vehicle health check which provides handy information such as your vehicle’s tyre tread. We also price match our competitors, so let us know if you’ve seen a better offer elsewhere at the time of booking.


Great news! If your car fails its MOT, we’ll carry out your re-test for free when you get the repairs done with us.


You should leave one hour when booking your car in for an MOT. We provide ‘while you wait’ appointments, and our receptionist is always there with a cup of tea and a chat to pass the time.


Here are the parts of your vehicle we check during an MOT:

  • Body, vehicle structure and general items Free from excessive corrosion and damage, and for any sharp edges that could cause injury
  • Towbars Secureness and condition
  • Fuel System Checked for leaks, pipes and hoses secure and fuel cap fastens/seals properly
  • Exhaust emissions It meets government rules for exhaust emissions
  • Exhaust system It is secure and complete with no leaks and make sure a catalyst isn’t missing
  • Seatbelts Belts are in place, suitable and work properly
  • Seats Driver’s seat can be adjusted and all are securely fitted
  • Doors The latch is secure when closed, make sure the front doors open from inside and outside and check rear doors open from the outside
  • Mirrors Vehicle has the minimum number of mirrors and all are in good condition and not obstructed
  • Load security Make sure boots can be closed properly
  • Brakes Condition checked, efficiency test and anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic stability control (ESC) tested
  • Tyres and wheels Condition, security, tyre size/type and tread
  • Registration plates Condition, attachment, colour and letters correctly formed/spaced
  • Lights Condition and operation of all lights checked, plus headlamps for cleaning/self-levelling and aim.
  • Bonnet Closes properly
  • Wipers and washers Make sure they work
  • Windscreen Condition and drivers view of road
  • Horn Check it works and is suitable for vehicle
  • Steering and suspension Condition, steering oil level, work properly
  • Vehicle identification number. The VIN will be on vehicles first used on or after 1 August 1980 and is displayed
  • Electrical Visible electrical wiring and battery checked

A lot in an hour huh? Book your MOT with us here, or give us a call on 01276 704600 for more advice.